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1. Registration fees applied at the Registries

No Service Cost
1 Filing a notice on secured transaction/contract 80.000
2 Filing a notice on disposal of assets 30.000
3 Filing an amended notice 60.000
4 Filing a termination statement 20.000
5 Requesting a certified report of information found in database 30.000
6 Requesting a copy of certificate 25.000

2. Free of charge in the following cases:
- Searching information in database without certified report;
- Filing a notice issued by government offices or courts;
- The secured party are individuals or households obtaining loans targeting the agriculture and rural development under Decree No.55/2015/ND-CP.

3. Regular client annual fee: 300.000VND/user/year.
(Annual fee is counted from 01 January to 31 December Calendar year) Customers who are accepted by NRAST to be Regular clients after 01 July Calendar year will only have to pay 50% annual fee of that year.